Say Hey Kid


A classic West Coast style IPA with an NZ hop twist.

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Rich malt flavour and a Ruby complexion are smacked full of hops to create a stunning IPA.

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Hoppy and creamy Oat Cream IPA. delicious with excellent drinkability. INCL Lactose

The unique blend of Citra and Amarillo Hops paired with an expressive Belgian yeast.

A highly hopped English Indian Pale Ale with roast nut and fruit flavours.

Mango & Grapefruit IPA.

A beer brewed for Dunedin! Generously hopped and malt flavours. Dank like the flats and piney aroma.

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Loaded with real passionfruit, guava, peacharine and Idaho 7 hops.

Stone Fruit + Passionfruit + Light Bitterness