Southpaw Brewing Company

Ladies and Gentlemen, now introducing, in the multicoloured trunks, the ace in your rotation, with an undefeated record of creating exceptional beers with local and international ingredients. The pride of Christchurch, New Zealand, your champion, Southpaw Brewing Company

100% NZ apple cider.

Mango & Grapefruit IPA.

100% NZ apple cider plus NZ berries.  Pulled through even more berries.

Grassy flavour from NZ Nectaron hops matched with the earthy spices of a farmhouse-style ferment.

A sessionable sensation designed for an easy innings.

A crisp, clean, easy-drinking lager. Made for enjoying by CHCH's best beach.

A dry crisp NZ style​ pilsner.

Full on flavour but a more sessionable option for hazy-lovers.

A classic West Coast style IPA with an NZ hop twist.

Bursting with juicy tropical fruit flavours, citrus and pine aromas.