116 Stout

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A well-balanced session milk stout, slightly sweet so served cold.

Similar Beverages

Deep, dark & smooth milk stout with a rich, spicy, dark-fruit complexity. Served on hand-pull.

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Smooth and elegant!

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This london-style brown porter has lots of chewy english style malts, all grown locally of course

Our Peanut Butter and Jam Stout with toasted marshmallow whip and chocolate topping.

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A rich malty black beer infused with coffee.

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Resinous Pine, earthy, dank, black pepper, licorice, jammy, subtle citrus.

Complex Malt forward dark beer with gentle coffee undertones. Hops: Dr. Rudi, Green Bullet, EK Goldin.

Deep ruby English porter with dark chocolate, caramel, malt, moderate bitterness, and dry finish.