Albar's Original Salted Caramel Whisky

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Lashings of Smooth Caramel Malt Whisky and Malborough Sea Salt

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An Alchemist favourite! 26000 Vodka with flavours of peach, fresh lime and cranberry juice topped with candyfloss!

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Made with Wild English Sloe Berries & served with East Imperial Soda Water

A real 0% gin distilled in copper pot still. Choice your mixer & don't feel guilty

Strawberries & Vodka, muddled, blended and frozen! Featuring NZ's Small Batch Liqueur Distillery, Kings Liqueur.

An exotic libation with No8 Pineapple Rum, Coconut milk, Passion Fruit, Lime Juice.

Damson Plum & Blackberry Gin, Plumm Jam, Lemon, Orange, Foam

Bright and refreshing using Sandymount's popular Blackberry Liqueur, for a berry citrus Bramble.

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Rose Rabbit Elderflower Liqueur & pink lemonade.