Alexandra Summer Haze


Session Hazy with lots of Citra Mosaic and Simcoe Hops

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Look: Hazy orange gold

Aroma: Stonefruit, citrus, tropical

Taste: Citrus, tropical, smooth

Full on flavour but a more sessionable option for hazy-lovers.

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A pillowy, soft malt base with a trio of big-hitting hops; Citra, Mosaic & Nectaron.

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USA hops Simcoe, Citra, Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus and Idaho 7 to present a beer with a big stone fruit.

Full flavoured hazy beer with juicy hop aroma and flavour, but virtually no alcohol. Crafted with a specialty strain of yeast the brew delivers unexpectedly punchy bitterness ad full bodied flavour.

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Great session hazy, good grain flavours backed up with PK juicy fruit flavours.

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A Hazy to make you crazy!

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The infamous Hazed & Confused brew rested of Birds Eye chilis, hot and confused.