Black Rock HomeBrew Competition 2023

The festival's Homebrew Competition featured exceptional talent from the brewing community.


German Styles Category Winner:
Nicholas AndersonBrew - Chaos Pils

Belgian & Specialty Category Winner:
Martin TaylorBrew - Razzle Dazzle

Dark Category Winner:
Bruce MilneBrew - Fouled Anchor

American Ales Category Winner:
Bruce MilneBrew - Cheeky

Each category winner received a certificate and a Black Rock Prize Pack.

In the overall Homebrew Competition, the winners were:

1st Place Homebrew Competition:
Martin TaylorBrew - Razzle Dazzle

2nd Place Homebrew Competition:
Nicholas AndersonBrew - Chaos Pils

3rd Place Homebrew Competition:
Martin TaylorBrew - Down with the Thickness

The Overall Winner in the Emerging Brewers Category was:
Harriet LoveBrew - Coco-Sticky Stout

These talented brewers received a Certificate, a hops trophy, and a Black Rock Prize Pack.

The 1st Place Homebrew Competition winner will have theopportunity to brew with Emersons for the 2024 Festival Brew, and the 1st Place Emerging Brewer will brew with Black Rock for the day.

Previous Winners

2023 - Overall Winner - Martin Taylor - Razzle Dazzle

2023 - Emerging Brewers Category - Harriet Love - Coco-StickyStout

2022 - Olly Rudd - jenny’s Wit

2021 - Jimmy Henderson - Super Spontaneous

2020 - Ben Dagg - Apricot Gose

2019 - Travis Gibbons - Hopped Cider

2018 - Laura Atkin - Lizzies English IPA

2017 - Harvey Kane - Session RIS

2016 - Saul Ross - Sauls Milk Stout

2015 - Max Major - Wild Gose Chase

2014 - Brett Houliston - Bourbon Oaked Porter

2013 - Dale Booth - Raspberry Wheat Beer

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