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We are back for 2023

One of Dunedin's most iconic annual events, and an industry leader in the Craft Beer and Food event environment within New Zealand, the two-day event celebrates local and national brewing and culinary champions.

Known for its vibrant atmosphere with exceptional offerings, the Dunedin festival brings together beer enthusiasts and food lovers for a weekend of great atmosphere, offerings and entertainment. This year is proud to boast a lineup featuring:

Sir Dave Dobbyn • Louis Baker • Jenny Mitchell • Tahu & The Takahes • Edmond Brothers • Niche

From traditional classics to innovative brews, explore diverse flavours, and interact with passionate brewers. Indulge in a gastronomic adventure with an exceptional line-up of food vendors, whether traditional cheese rolls, succulent burgers, or delectable desserts; the festival promises to satisfy every palate and culinary preference.


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