Alchemist Mixology

At Alchemist Mixology, we have a passion for bringing our mixology expertise to over 60 of NZ's leading festivals & events. Our elaborate garnishes such as candyfloss & meringues, floral decor & delicious cocktails will be sure to please!
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An Alchemist favourite! 26000 Vodka with flavours of peach, fresh lime and cranberry juice topped with candyfloss!

Lady H Gin stirrred with fresh lime, raspberry, rhubarb & rosehip extract, ginger beer & garnished with a meringue!

Black Collar Spiced Rum stirred with passionfruit puree, fresh lime and & ginger ale!

Lady H Gin stirred with Strawberry Puree, fresh mint & lime topped with Soda!

Ginger beer served with our raspberry, rhubarb & rosehip extract & garnished with a meringue!

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Spircy gingerbeer, blended with watermelon extract, fresh lime and 26000 Vodka!