LWF Distilling

LWF Distilling is NZ crafted rum from Taranaki. Made by the only female rum distiller in NZ, focused on flavour - white, rhubarb, Feijoa, passionfruit and a low alcohol Limoncello. Fun warming cocktails including our legendary Mojito! And we have a mocktail or two!

Quintessentially kiwi we have a Feijoa rum fizz, refreshing, sweet, a delicious Feijoa treat.

Fresh limes, combined with LWF Distilling white rum funk, a bit of simple syrup, soda water and frag.

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Dry cocktails with an excellent rum funk.

LWF Distilling Spiced White Rum Punch is not too sweet, not too spicy and just a hint of honey.

A light break, refreshing mojito with a great lemon tang.

Choose between a virgin mojito or virgin ‘rum’ punch. Both look exactly like their alcoholic counterpart.