No8 Distillery

No8 Distillery fuses a 4th-gen French distiller's skills from Dunedin.No8's kiwi ingenuity and acute senses to craft unique cocktails. Through foraging, distilling, and bottling, they serve up palate-pleasing flavors that honor tradition and bring the party to your taste buds.

World Best Gin 22 on a cocktails: Horopito gin, Limoncello, Cherry, Cocoa Liqueur, Cranberry juice

Choose between our No8 Classic, Dry, Pink Gin pair with premium tonic.

A real 0% gin distilled in copper pot still. Choice your mixer & don't feel guilty

Don't be curious, you will be spooked!

Refresh you day with our Hibiscus gin mix with Elderflower liqueur, drop of bitter and tonic

Bluestone Vodka mix with Fresh mandarin juice,  Lemon Juice, Passion fruit syrup, orange bitter.

An exotic libation with No8 Pineapple Rum, Coconut milk, Passion Fruit, Lime Juice.

Blend of rich chocolate, butterscotch & aromatic coffee, topped with a luscious cream finish