Sandymount Distillery

Sandymount Distillery is a creator of premium spirits, offering international award-winning gins, Vodka and Liqueurs. Sandymount Distillery is New Zealand's only Carbon Neutral Distillery.

A coming together of beer and spirits. Pilsner, Gin, Honey and Citrus

Bright and refreshing using Sandymount's popular Blackberry Liqueur, for a berry citrus Bramble.

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Smashing Noisy Brewerys ginger beer into Sandymounts Woodcutter Barrel aged Gin.

Layered fruitiness, grapefruit and, pomegranate and Lovers Leap Dry Gin

Classic and refreshing Lovers Leap Dry Gin and East Imperial tonic

A perfect balance of fragrant and spicy native gin, and sweet tangy yuzu lemonade.