Beers Royale G&T


Classic Gin and Tonic.

Similar Beverages
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Spircy gingerbeer, blended with watermelon extract, fresh lime and 26000 Vodka!

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Albar's Original Salted Caramel Whisky topped with Apple Juice, Soda & Lime

Made with our Flat White Liqueur. Garnished with crumbled cookies.

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Blood Orange served with East Imperial Yuzu Lemonade or Tonic

Blend of rich chocolate, butterscotch & aromatic coffee, topped with a luscious cream finish

LWF Distilling Spiced White Rum Punch is not too sweet, not too spicy and just a hint of honey.

Nitro Coffee Stout & Espresso Martini beer blender.

A perfect balance of fragrant and spicy native gin, and sweet tangy yuzu lemonade.