Beers by Bacon Brothers

"Welcome to Beers, a craft beer brewery and slow cooked meat’s restaurant. We brewed 200 beers in 200 days! It all started with a single stall at the at the Christchurch Farmers Market. You can still find us at our stall selling bacon to some of our favourite people EVERY Sat"

A dark red black hue this dry-hopped Red IPA, with strong lingering foam.This beer is rich toasted.

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Rhubarb cider tart and sweet.

Classic Gin and Tonic.

For all the ginger and lime lovers! Brewed ginger beer with a nice hit of lime.

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Simple, clean, light and refreshing, this 4% abv lager is designed as a session beer. Pilsner malt.

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The West Coast Pilsner is a style of beer that makes sense. Clean, crisp, Pilsner meets the piney.

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A kettle sour where lactic acid bacteria are used to produce lactic acid in the unfermented wort.

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Clean, single malt depth and body. Hop dominant with citrus, tropical and single dank characters.

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Nelson Sauvin, nectaron and full juice on a juicy waterbed with stonefruit.

Off white Haze, White Head

Overview: Lemonade sour ale with an intense lemon hit.

Peanutbutter, chocolate, vanilla,  sweet, smooth rich.

Clean, balanced and high drinkability describe this European style Pilsner. Some sweet biscuit.

A beer brewed for Dunedin! Generously hopped and malt flavours. Dank like the flats and piney aroma.

Tropical citrus aroma. Hop forward with passionfruit lime and orange dominating. Juicy and clean.