Rhyme x Reason Brewery

We’re a small crew of wacky beatles brewing, packaging & distributing our awesome range of beers across NZ, whilst pouring on-site, throwing kick-ass live events & collaborating with our pals - all normally under one roof in Wanaka, except Nov 3rd & 4th!

Let me hear you say, this shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Hey bro, how's it hanging? Pairs well with a kiwi accent and your lifted ute. Hops: Peacharine

A crusher Cold IPA teeming with big melon and tropical hops perfect for metaphorical blonde moments.

This shit's fruit salad!

Brewed true to style, a crisp refreshing drop that yields high drinkability.

A balanced AF medley of citrus hops, boasting tropical notes and a straightforward malt profile.

SideTracks ginger beer is crafted in small batches using  brewed ginger, all-natural ingredients.

Pull into this Sik Pit! Citra is cranking in this Westie. Hops: Frothin’ on Citra.

Chester the intergalactic space monkey says, “Epic NZ Pilsner!”, he's been places, like Nectaron!