Bash Brother


Mango & Grapefruit IPA.

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Hazy West Coast IPA. Hopped up and delicious.

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Rich malt flavour and a Ruby complexion are smacked full of hops to create a stunning IPA.

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WCIPA, with a mash-tun full of pilsner, Vienna malts. Dose with dope blend of NZ USA hops.

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Hoppy and creamy Oat Cream IPA. delicious with excellent drinkability. INCL Lactose

Look: Bright pale gold

Aroma: Citrus, stonefruit, pine

Taste: Citrus, resinous, light toffee

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Super crisp IPA, dry hopped with Citra & Simcoe.

A classic West Coast style IPA with an NZ hop twist.

A beer brewed for Dunedin! Generously hopped and malt flavours. Dank like the flats and piney aroma.