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West Coast IPA, it’ll hit you like a trident made with Mosaic, Simcoe and Moutere. So expect to be stabbed in the heart with flavours of pineapple, mango and pine. Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast. It jumped up a notch (It did, didn't it?) Yeah, I stabbed a hop in the heart (I saw that, Churly killed a hop. Did you throw a trident?) Yeah, there were horses and a man on fire and I killed a hop with a trident. Churly, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. You should find yourself a safe house or a relative close by, lay low for awhile because you’re probably wanted for murder. I'm proud of you fellas

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Let this beer take you to a pineapple under the sea! A sour packed with fresh peach and pineapple!

100% NZ apple cider plus NZ berries.  Pulled through even more berries.

Tarty, vibrant and moreish... just a few words we've heard used to describe our fan-favourite cider.

Well rounded toffee and biscuit characteristics in combination with just the right amount of hops.

Hey bro, how's it hanging? Pairs well with a kiwi accent and your lifted ute. Hops: Peacharine

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A heavy red with a heap of attitude. Dark grain flavours and a thick creamy head.

For all the ginger and lime lovers! Brewed ginger beer with a nice hit of lime.

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Look: Hazy orange gold

Aroma: Stonefruit, citrus, tropical

Taste: Citrus, tropical, smooth

Deep, dark & smooth milk stout with a rich, spicy, dark-fruit complexity. Served on hand-pull.

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So good!

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Classic Pale Ale, dry hopped with Citra & Mosaic.

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A rich malty black beer infused with coffee.

Bright and refreshing using Sandymount's popular Blackberry Liqueur, for a berry citrus Bramble.

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Outram blackcurrants with a bit of extra sour added gives this a nice balance of tart and sweet.

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Look: Deep pink

Aroma: Blueberry, lactic ferment

Taste: Blueberry, mango, fruity, tart finish

So we pressed out some fresh Pear juice and fermented it with Champagne yeast. It turned out pretty awesome, but our beekeeping mate Rodger said why don’t you put some of my Manuka Honey in the mix? So we did. You’re welcome.

Herby & fruity saison with a basil background, fresh strawberry aroma and beautiful pink-ish hue.

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Simple, clean, light and refreshing, this 4% abv lager is designed as a session beer. Pilsner malt.

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Perfect for your next adventure, or just to savour some quality craft.

A crusher Cold IPA teeming with big melon and tropical hops perfect for metaphorical blonde moments.

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A Classic NZ style Lager crafted with a solid, crisp and balanced finish.

A Light thirst quencher with a similar flavour to our Brewski Pilsner.

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Alchemist Mixology
Allan Scott Wines (Pouring at Festival Bar)
Arc Brewing Co.
Beer Baroness
Beers by Bacon Brothers
Behemoth Brewing Company (Pouring at Festival Bar)
Black Rock Brewing
Bohemian Cider (Pouring at Festival Bar)
Brew Bar
Brew Moon Brewing Company
Brothers Beer
Canyon Brewing
Cardrona Distillery
Chiarli Wines (Pouring at Festival Bar)
Crimson Badger Brewing
Derelict Brewing
DogStar Brew Lab
Emerson's Brewery
Fortune Favours
Fruzo Brews
Garage Project
Good George
Ground Up Brewing
Hammerhead Foods
Heyday Beer Co. (Pouring at Festival Bar)
Imagination Distilling
LWF Distilling
Lake Chalice Wines (Pouring at Festival Bar)
Manuherekia Brewery
Matawhero Wines (Pouring at Festival Bar)
Mud House Wines (Pouring at Festival Bar)
No8 Distillery
Noisy Brewing Co
Otago Polytechnic Otago Brew School
Panhead Custom Ales
Patrons Brewing Co.
Punky Distro
Quick Brown Fox
Rhyme x Reason Brewery
Rudd House Brewing
Saddle Hill Brewery & Distillery
Sandymount Distillery
Scotts Brewing
Searchlight Brewery
Southpaw Brewing Company
Sprig + Fern Brewing Co.
Steamer Basin (Pouring at Festival Bar)
The Speights Ale House, Dunedin
Trinity Hill (Pouring at Festival Bar)
Two Thumb Brewing Co
Urbanaut Brewing (Pouring at Festival Bar)
Wanaka Beerworks
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